About Us


Founded in 1986 to cultivate watercress for the British market, Royalcress S.A. occupies more than 70 hectares and is starting to sell into the emerging Spanish market.


We believe in traditional farming values that work in harmony with nature. The spring water is key to our watercress production. Our farm is located in the highest rainfall areas of Spain, the Sierra de Grazalema, which provides a lot of excellent water to the subsoil of the Jerez countryside. In addition to the water, the proximity to the coast and the gentle west winds provide a perfect microclimate for the production of watercress.

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We are accredited by the most important quality standards and we have the certification of the CAAE (Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture) for our watercress of organic or ecological production.

The watercress is considered a "superfood" for its content in essential minerals and vitamins. Its beneficial effects on health, including anticancer properties, make it a very complete food.

Watercress can be consumed raw (in salad, sandwiches) or cooked (in stews, soups, tortillas). They are also excellent as bases for sauces (pesto, salsa verde) and as garnishes or fillings for meats or fish. In all cases they provide us with a different, modern and very healthy food.