We can use watercress in many ways in the kitchen and take advantage of its excellent properties.

Both as a main ingredient in soups, tortillas and salads, as a complement to pizzas, hamburgers, Mexican food or traditional sandwiches, or as garnish or sauce for meat, fish or eggs, water cress will provide a tasty, colorful, modern touch and healthy to your dishes without having to complicate much in the preparations.

Next we are going to propose you some simple ideas, complementing dishes that without a doubt you already know how to prepare.

We start with watercress creams. With the children they are a guaranteed success, since they do not have the leek filaments that usually cause rejection in other purées. With the intense green color of the final result, it is an excellent way to consume vegetables.

Light cream of watercress

Salads with watercress ... Watercress combines very well with salty and sweet ingredients, with proteins and other vegetables, allowing a wide range of salads, either as a single dish or as a garnish. We propose some ideas, but give free rein to your imagination and tell us the results.

Multi-colored sweet and sour salad with watercress

Warm watercress salad with cheese and eggplant

Watercress salad with fresh cheese and nuts

Hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos, fajitas and quesadillas. Pizzas All of them are usually combined with some type of salad. Try replacing the traditional lettuce with a bunch of watercress. You will see what a difference! Add some watercress to your cheese or cold cuts. They will be tastier and healthier. Try adding a bunch of watercress to your pizza at the last moment, just before you take it out of the oven.

Watercress combines very well with eggs. You can use them as if they were spinach, in a French omelette, but if you have guests, the potato omelet does not usually fail.

Spanish omelette with watercress

A main course using watercress. Depending on how you present it, it can be a light dish or an ideal dinner for children.

Russian fillets with watercress

We can use the watercress in the preparation of some classic sauces, replacing or complementing the traditional ingredients.

Green sauce with watercress

Pesto sauce with watercress