The essential objective of Royalcress is the production of a superior quality crop, with guaranteed traceability and food safety, in conjunction with a positive impact on the local community, our employees and the environment. We are ascribed to several quality protocols including Tesco Nurture, Marks & Spencer Field to Fork, Leaf Marque and Globalgap. They require the fulfillment of several environmental requirements as well as good agricultural practices including the rational use of pesticides, prevention against pollution and protection for health and safety at work.


Somos la primera empresa certificada para el berro de producción ecológica en España (CAAE 2001) y actualmente nuestro compromiso con SEDEX nos lleva a compartir información acerca de la ética de nuestra gestión empresarial con nuestros clientes.

Royalcress pursues the development and improvement of its management practices in areas such as:

  • Reduction in the use of fertilizers and phytosanitary products

  • Progressive elimination of foreign matter in our products, whether bacteria, insects or other

  • Investments aimed at improving energy efficiency

  • Protection and development of natural habitats for local flora and fauna